Save Your Business $500/Employee/Year With Supplemental Health Insurance

Using Cigna benefits, an Attentive wellness program, Empower Financial Group's brokerage and insurance tax code, all wrapped together by Gothard Enterprises, you can reduce your FICA taxes by $500/employee/year while giving your employees free benefits, guaranteed.

How does it work?

This may seems complicated at first, but it's simple to implement. Basically, we use insurance tax code to create savings.

The key is partnering with the world's top insurance companies, including...


Gothard Enterprises has partnered with Cigna, the largest health insurance company in the world and a Fortune 20. They represent 60% of all Fortune 500 companies in America, including Disney, FedEx, Southwest Airlines, United States Postal Service, the NBA, the NFL and more.

Through the Cigna partnership, your employees are covered by a critical illness package, which will pay money directly to employee’s bank accounts in the event of cancer, heart attack, stroke, or accidents. This is foundation of the coverage.


In addition to Cigna, Gothard Enterprises works with Attentive, the market leader in AI preventative care management. Benefits include telehealth, teledentistry, chronic care management, employee assistance program, mental health support, addiction recovery, relationship counseling, weight loss management, and much more.

Attentive figured out how to use IRS tax code to create substantial tax savings for employers. They do this by combining Cigna's coverage with their own wellness program to build a package which fulfills the IRS' FICA reduction eligibility requirements.


Gothard Enterprises final partner is Empower Financial Group, the largest direct sales division of Cigna, to facilitate the setup and implementation of this entire package, answer any questions about the program, and provide ongoing customer support.

This final piece brings together the benefits provided by Cigna and Attentive, plus the savings created by the FICA reduction, are used to provide your employees supplemental benefits with no change in pay and give you an additional $500/employee/year in profit through a reduction in FICA taxes.

That sounds great...but how does it actually work?

Great question. The simple answer is that we are using tax provisions under the IRS code to create tax savings for employees, then using most of those savings to pay for the insurance (making it free for employees) & keeping the rest for the employer, which amounts to about $500 per employee per year in additional savings.

I put together a video for those who want the complete answer (warning - this can be technical) for those who want to get into it. Just know, you don't need to know this to get the savings. I can handle it all for you. This is for those who want to go above and beyond, the tax/benefits experts, etc.

Okay, so what are the next steps?

The implementation process is easy - my team will do all of the work and it can be fully setup and saving you money within 30 days or less.

Here's exactly what will happen.

Step 1: Send Information

I'll need to collect some basic information about your business. This will take less than 20 minutes, and can be handled by a team member of yours like the CFO, head of payroll, etc..

Step 2: Get Proposal

We'll use the information provided to crunch the numbers and show you exactly what you'll save & how much in benefits your employees will get - no cost and no commitment.

Step 3: Green Light & Save

Once you've gotten your questions answered, we'll implement with one of your team on a screen share, guaranteeing success.

Ready to get started?
Still unsure exactly how it all works?

This may seem complicated at first, but it's easy to implement, so let's talk.

Here are a few ways we can connect.


The Gothard Difference

For those who don't know me and my family, my name is Ben Gothard, and family means everything to me. Born in New Orleans to loving parents and grandparents and a huge extended family, I grew up always treasuring quality time spent with loved ones. My favorite thing in the world was when my Dad, Eddie Gothard, and my Grandfather, Judge Sol Gothard, would be together around the dinner table telling jokes, making everyone laugh. That's what life is all about.

Being from New Orleans with the greatest food on the planet, I struggled with weight as a youngster. Once day I decided enough was enough, and ever since the 9th grade I got fit and have been passionate about health, nutrition and exercise ever since. You'll still find me in the gym everyday.

Unfortunately, my family has had a history of heart problems. My great grandparents both passed from heart issues in the 1970's, then my grandmother from the same thing in 2018. From there, we lost my other grandmother in 2019, my grandfather in 2020, and my Dad unexpectedly to a heart attack in 2021. It was the most difficult period of my entire life.

After all of this tragedy, I decided enough was enough, and after grieving set out on a mission to help people take their health into their own hands. I've always been an advocate of preventative care, and passionate about helping businesses win, so I brought these two worlds together to bring you this program. Together, we can keep your employees healthy AND add more to your bottom line. It's a win-win and our incentives are aligned; and that's the only way I do business.

You can rest assured that I will be looking after your employees like they're my own family. It's the only way I know how to treat people. I know that each person we're serving isn't just an individual, but also a mother, father, brother, sister, or child. They belong to a family, and family is precious.

Why should you work with me? Because I care.