| Entrepreneur & Kidney Donor (Jeremy Colon - Project EGG Interview #1)
In the first Project EGG interview of Jeremy Colon, Entrepreneur & Kidney Donor, we talk about entrepreneurship, his company Jeremy Colon Enterprises, and where he got his entrepreneur motivation from. In this entrepreneur interview, hosted by Ben Gothard of Gothard Enterprises, we dive deep into what being an entrepreneur is through analyzing Jeremy's life.
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Entrepreneur & Kidney Donor (Jeremy Colon – Project EGG Interview #1)

This video is the first of many Project EGG interviews to come.

Jeremy Colon is a certified master personal trainer and Life Coach based out of Boston, MA. He is the founder/ owner of JC Enterprises, BlessedYou Clothing, and ARtistry Management Group.

On July 31st, 2013, Jeremy underwent a kidney transplant surgery where he donated his kidney to his sick father, who was on the verge of death. 3 months later, fully recovered, Jeremy Colon decided to become an entrepreneur and help people achieve happiness through fitness, balance, and spirituality.

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Connect with Jeremy:Instagram: @JC.Enterprises
Jeremy Colon Enterprises: Project EGG is an elite network of entrepreneurs, authors & incredible people who problem solve, bounce ideas off of each other, share their stories and succeed together.In the official Project EGG podcast, hosted by Ben Gothard, we interview different members of the group and drill down into entrepreneurship and personal development. Each interview is a deep-dive into the life of the guest. By sharing their life and experiences, we can all learn something valuable.This mastermind includes people from around the world who are making a difference right now. We have a truly incredible group of people, like CEOs, CFOs, founders, national best-selling authors, inventors, marketers, coaches, consultants, musicians, speakers, and many many more entrepreneurs from every corner of the globe.

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