| Shopify Dropshipping: Part 1 – Overview (eBook)
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Shopify Dropshipping: Part 1 – Overview (eBook)

How would you like an extra $5,000 or $10,000 per month?

Do you dream of being financially free? To be able to take vacations around the world at your leisure and have the ability to make money with nothing more than a laptop or a smart phone is liberating. How about extra income? Would an extra $500 per month make an impact on your life? What about an extra $5,000 per month? $50,000?

Owning your own business is your ticket to becoming not only financially secure, but wealthy. Anybody can do it, including you! However, you will give yourself the best chance of success by find the right business model for you (among other things).

I recently come across this phenomenon and it is probably one of the easiest ways that I’ve ever found to get started making passive income and build a sustainable online business. In this book, I’m going give you an overview of the platform and show you step-by-step of exactly how to do it.

By reading on, you will be exposed to a business model that allows the owner to work from anywhere, at anytime, with a phone or a laptop and an Internet connection.

I don’t work for Shopify, nor am I invested in the company in any way. I wrote this book because I have made and will continue to make money on the Shopify platform, and I think that ANYBODY can leverage this business model to build passive income and become financially free.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs build their skills and develop assets that will allow them to chase their dreams.


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