| Priorities – A Key to Success
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Priorities – A Key to Success

Priorities are important. I just had a dream of being on a dock with my family with baby chicks and some of them escaped into the water and couldn’t swim so my brother jumped into the water t save the ones far away and I started scooping up the ones near the dock but in the water.

As I reached my hand down into the water to save one, I saw a shark coming from below to eat the chick. When it saw my arm it backed off and I could save the chick, but at that point the most important thing wasn’t the chicks or my arm – it was my brother! He was out in the water risking his life to save 2 or 3 chicks and he didn’t even know about the sharks!

Immediately my priorities changed from saving the chicks to saving my brother, so I shouted to my brother to get back to the dock and I went on the other side of the dock (away from him) and started splashing and making a ton of noise in order to attract the sharks to me and distract them from my brother.

See how the priority of the situation changed? At first the chicks were the most important, then my arm, then my brother. Sometimes we never really know what the most important things are until we’re deep into something trivial. Clearly the chicks were important, but my brother is 500 -1,000,000 times more important to save when I figured out there were sharks in the water.

What is most important to you? Is it truly that important? Are you focusing on the chicks or saving your brother?

Are you focusing on making your life better or something trivial? The moment when you stop focusing on things that aren’t necessary and start focusing on things that are critical to taking you to the next level of success is the moment when you will start seeing real results in your life.

What stage of your business are you in? Have you even started? If you haven’t even started yet, then your sole focus should be on acquiring a skill and generating revenue by deploying that skill. You could learn how to manage paid traffic for example, and start testing out offers where you buy traffic and try to convert that into sales.

You could use affiliate products or build your own or act like an agency and manage paid traffic for a client or even work as a freelancer to develop those skills and get paid.

Focusing on vanity metrics are NOT important. Building logos doesn’t matter. Color schemes don’t matter. Changing your business name doesn’t matter.

Generating revenue does. Focus on that until you literally have no time to do anything else, then hire and train people to help you manage all of the work you have, and continue building your team until you aren’t taking an active role (if you want that lifestyle) or until you have an empire (if you want that lifestyle).

By focusing on what matters (building skills, generating revenue), you aren’t going to be expending precious energy or time on tasks that don’t generate ROI. Plus, you can outsource nearly every part of your business. So stick with what you’re the best at and outsource literally everything else once you have enough revenue.

What about if you want to become healthier? Focus on your diet and start exercising. It doesn’t matter what you look like now or what clothes you wear or what gym you attend.

That stuff is incredibly unimportant, and focusing on them is a waste of your time and energy. Who cares if you look silly at the gym? What impact does your outfit have on your ability to run a mile? Granted, if you’re wearing a suit and tie you’ll have more difficulty, but you get my point.

I have a pair of basketball shorts that have super fuzzy patches on them that look like colorful clown hair. Does it look funny? I’m sure it does compared to the Nike Pro Air Athletic Thunder 12-38s, or the Under Armor Spartan Warrior Elites, but who cares? I go workout in those shorts all the time, and you know what? The only thing people have said about those shorts is how comfortable they look.

When getting in shape, diet and exercise are 95% of the battle. If you can focus just on those two things and get them right, you will transform your life for the better. When I was around 13, I was a chubby kid. I would sit around and play video games all day long, and barely go outside to get any exercise. Then I would be mad that I was fat.

Big surprise there…I mean seriously…how did I expect anything to change if I didn’t change my priorities? Luckily for me, I got so fed up with my situation at that time that I vowed to get into shape.

In 9th grade, I joined the basketball team, cross country team, and track team. I also started working out at the gym everyday after practice and stopped eating junk. Finally, I did a ton of research on good and bad food to eat.

By the end of the 9th grade, I was in the best shape of my life! Literally in a span of a couple months, my entire world was different. I had accomplished that which I had set out to do, and damn did it feel good.

I’m not saying any of this to brag, as living a healthy lifestyle is an ongoing challenge for me (food is just so tempting). But I am sharing these things with you to show you that the world isn’t going to just hand you what you want.

You need to actively seek out the things that you want by making sure your priorities are in line with your goals. If, in my dream, I had continued to chase the chicks, my brother may have been eaten. If I had continued to make logos instead of work my ass off, I wouldn’t have become an author and published 15 books or been able to create 41 episodes of my show, Project EGG. If, when I was 13, I had continued to eat terribly and sit on my butt all day playing video games, I would probably still have health issues.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where your priorities started off. What matters is that you focus on what you need to focus on in order to accomplish what you set out to accomplish. You already know the things that are going to move the needle for you. It’s not a secret to most of us.

The difference between success and failure is being 100% honest with ourselves, shifting our focus, attention and time to the things that are the most important to our success, and then repeatedly doing those things until we reach our goals.

Where do your priorities lie right now?

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