| Morning Routine: 21 Day Case Study
The best morning routine and morning ritual is one that is healthy for you. I include yoga in my morning routine and ritual, and I'd recommend that you add some of the routines in this post to the things you do in the morning. This morning routine case study was conducted in New Orleans, Louisiana by Ben Gothard, Founder & CEO of Gothard Enterprises.
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Morning Routine: 21 Day Case Study

Good morning!

That’s what I’d love to be able to say every single morning when I wake up, but unfortunately I’m a human being and life isn’t always that kind. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely not a morning person. In fact, I don’t think that anybody can just wake up and immediately be 150% ready to roll.

What most people need is something to get them prepared for the day. Whether it be coffee, breakfast, a shower or any combination of those things, we all have our morning routines or rituals – patterns so to speak – that we tend to do even if we aren’t fully aware of doing them.

Now, I watch a lot of videos of entrepreneurs that I admire – Tony Robbins, Timothy Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuck, etc. – and a ton of these rockstars have always talked about planning a morning routine out instead of just randomly doing stuff that may or may not be helpful (like sitting in bed scrolling the endless Facebook newsfeed for an hour).

Being the super curious person that I am, I decided to take them up on their advice to see what this whole “morning routine” craze was about. I figured that I could do a bit of journaling, maybe some yoga, definitely a workout, food somewhere in there, and that would be a solid way to start every single day.

I challenged myself to do it for 3 weeks and see what happened. In essence, here was my self-proposed morning ritual:

So the plan went, I would take out my phone, open up a Google Doc, and start journaling for 5-10 mins immediately when I woke up. I wrote whatever I wanted to write without giving two shits what it was about, whether I would offend anyone, or what people would think if they read it (which they never will).

I spilled my heart and brain out every time I wrote. Sometimes it was about the dreams I was trying to remember, other times it was about what I wanted to do that day, and a few times it made absolutely no sense at all. Still, I wrote whatever I wanted without any sort of structure.

The proposed time was 10 minutes, and I tried to stick to that pretty closely, but sometimes I went over and sometimes I went under.

Then came the yoga! I watched this Beginner’s Yoga video every single day and followed the instructions to the T. No pretending, no texting, nothing but a yoga mat, the beautiful sunshine, and a rag to cover my eyes from the sun (occasionally my dog Phoebe would come outside too).

That video involves stretching, breathing, bending, strengthening, and a tremendous amount of cool yoga stuff in a short 20 minutes. No wonder it has 15 million views on YouTube!

Anyways, I would get my yoga on for the 20 minutes (the video helped me time that) and then go inside to grab some water dripping in sweat because I live in New Orleans, Louisiana and it is hot as hell even at 8 or 9 am…or 10 am when I usually wake up (hehe).

At this point, I would hydrate with 2-3 big cups of water and eat some fruit or quickly cook 3 eggs whilst preparing to go to the gym! I only live 10 minutes away from where I can workout, which is pretty fortunate.

Once at said gym, I lifted weights (not as much as I’d like because I hurt my right shoulder), shredded core because I’m obsessed with training that area of my body, and played basketball to the extent that my shoulder would allow. All of this would take me about 45-60 minutes, and my morning ritual was completed!

After doing this for 3 weeks, here are some of my results:

1) Being consistent with a morning routine is difficult, and full disclosure I wasn’t able to get all 3 activities done every single day, but I got at least one thing done everyday

2) Putting in the work to do what I could was very rewarding, as I was a lot happier to awaken from my slumber when I had some fun “me” stuff to do immediately once I woke up

3) Journaling kicks ass because you can clear your head completely before you do anything else during the day

4) Yoga is seriously good for becoming more flexible, and I’m proud to say that I can touch my toes again whilst stretching. Not only that, but I have had chronic back pain since 10th grade in high school (car accident) and since doing yoga every morning my back has felt incredible

5) Working out in the morning makes the rest of the day easy for me because I definitely kick my own ass in the gym

I can say with confidence that establishing a morning routine helped me get focused and prepared for the day way better than not having a morning routine. I can also say that the quality of the day is improved because my body and mind were taken care of and empowered first.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to take 2 hours out of your day every single day to see an impact of a morning routine. If you are extremely busy, it isn’t realistic to think that you can carve that much time out for an experiment.


As an experiment, why don’t you try adding a 5 minute morning routine to your day right when you wake up? If I could only pick one, I’d pick the journaling because it by far had the most rejuvenating effects on my mind. If you try journaling for 5-10 minutes every morning, you might find that your whole day is improved.

You only need your phone and the Google Docs or Notes app to type. Coincidentally, if you prefer corporeality and would like a physical journal to write in, you can pick up this Gratitude Journal (affiliate link).


Anyways, I will be continuing with this morning ritual, as it has been incredibly rewarding for me to do, so I hope you can find something meaningful to do and upgrade your mornings!

Sooooo, what’s next? Well, I want to give you a gift! One of good friends Chris Jones from Zonlife Success and I did a Morning Routine Mini Workshop that you can Pay What You Want for! I hope you enjoy.

Let’s build a better world together.

Much love,

– Ben

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